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Find a flat surface to work on such as the kitchen table, ping pong table etc.  Lay the 2 sides on the table and install the front pc using 4 long screws.

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When you have the 2 sides and front installed stand them upright.  Install kneeler and bottom brace.  At this point CAUTION should be used when attaching the 2 sides and kneeler portion together.  Made certain the 4 screws that are inserted from the inside of the kneeler portion into the sides are only 1 inch long.  Failure to use the short screws will result in the screws going all the way through the sides.
Place a long screw in the hole from the outside of the side pc and 2 short screws from the inside kneeler portion and pull these screws down a little at a time to help with alignment.

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Some times one picture is worth a million pages of written instructions.  The photos show the Prie Dieu in rough form and should answer any assembly questions you might have.  All screws, screw hole cover buttons are provided.