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This beautiful Kneeler is constructed from Solid Oak in your choice of stain colors.  The kneeler is constructed from 2" high density foam for comfort.  The top measures 25 1/2" wide, the kneeler board is 24" with the 20" wide kneeler pad attached with 3 screws.  The sides are 5" wide and come in different heights.  The 3 rungs are made from our 8 sided rungs and are mortise and tenoned in place.  You also have your choice of padding color and a shelf can be added.  You also have an option of adding a cross to the front, sides or all 3 at 5 Dollars Each.  The base price for this kneeler is $225.00.  When you go to the Order Form page you can choose your Height, Padding color, Stain color, Square or Round corner top, Cross options and add a shelf option,,,Or order it Double Wide,,,10 inches wider.  Simple assemble required.  Free Shipping


Our 3 rung kneeler represents the 3 Crosses on Calvary.

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