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The Basic Prayer Kneeler is just what it says, nothing fancy, just a well built, durable Prayer Kneeler.  The top measures 25 1/2" wide.  The depth is 16".  The Kneeler board is 24", and if you order the padded model, the pad measures 20" wide X 4 1/2" .  We use the same high density, 2"  foam as on our other Kneelers.  The height is 32", and is standard height for most people.  If you need the height different, just let us know, and we will change it at no additional cost.  The Kneeler is made from Solid Oak and your choice of stain color.  Please scroll down the page for more pictures, and to order. Simple assembly, instructions provided.  $170.00 No Shelf, with Shelf is $190.00





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