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We offer  a fold up model of our "Classic Style Prie Dieu" and  "Basic Kneeler"  .  Pictured below is the fold up detail of these 2 models.  Our foldup Kneelers all have pads, solid oak construction on the Classic Style Prie Dieu, and solid oak on the Basic Kneeler.  The top measures 25 1/2" wide x 6".  The depth is 16" unfolded, kneeler pad is 4 1/2" x 20" x 2".   You can order with or without shelf.  Choice of stain color and pad color.  When ordering, there is also a height option of 31",32", 33".
You can also add  1,2,3 crosses at 5 Dollars Each.  There is also a top option for the Classic Style, square or round corners.
The Basic Style Fold Up Kneeler has very plain edges,,,,a very small roundover....

Kneelers with a Cross or Crosses are OPTIONAL, and only installed if you want them at 5 Dollars Each.

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Base Price for Foldup Classic Style Prie Dieu: $235.00
Base Price for Foldup Basic Style Kneeler: $215.00

Our Foldup Kneelers are 25 1/2" wide at the top.  The 2" thick pad is 20" wide.

Foldup Classic Style Prie Dieu: Pictured



Basic Style Kneeler



Angela Style Kneeler

Classic Style Prie Dieu