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Our Kneelers are measured from the floor, to the top part of the elbow rest.
We suggest you find some books, or something like that, to equal about 8 inches in height.  Place these books close to a table or chair and while kneeling on the books, hold your arms up to a comfortable level, and  measure from the floor to where your arms would rest on the top of the Kneeler as you would to Pray.  With that being said, keep in mind the 2 inch thick Kneeler foam will compress some with your weight, and the hard books will not, so you may want to add an inch.  We offer the heights in 31", 32" or 33", and that seems to fit most people.  When ordering, If you find you need it lower, or higher, please contact us and we will be more than happy to make an adjustment for you at no additionl charge.

To better help with the height option available on our Prayer Kneelers, we would like to offer this bit of help.

We can be reached at 765-652-0131, or bearswoodshop@gmail.com