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Would you like to save 10% on your order, and still receive FREE SHIPPING, heres how.
Credit card fees keep going up for the consumer and vendor, and as a vendor, we have to add that into
the cost of an item.  If you would like to save the 10%, simple add the item you wish to the cart as if to run a
credit card order, when the first page appears with the order information on it, simply print off that information
take 10% off the cost and send order with a money order or check.  Or simply send the order information, such as
item, color, height, (Crosses: 5 Dollars each), etc. and cost less 10%.  On just a 300 dollar order, thats a 30 dollar savings.
As with all orders, the FREE SHIPPING only applies to the lower 48 states. 
Send to: Bears Wood Shop
4200 N. 300 E.
Frankfort, IN 46041
Any Questions, feel free to call me. 765-605-3967

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