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My Father started me in the Wood Working Business very early. He was a carpenter and built many new homes. From about 5 years old I was always under his feet. Other children watched cartoons on Saturday, not me. Mom and Dad steered me toward doing, not watching. I started building and remodeling at about age 17, (1971) and I have been at it ever since. As I look back, I owe everything to my parents, who are gone now but always with me.

The business is located in Frankfort, Indiana. Since 1983.


Stewart C. Snodgrass (Bear)
4200 N. Co. Rd. 300 E.
Frankfort, IN 46041
765-652-0131 Shop

  Attention: we DO NOT stock any Prayer Kneelers or Quilt Racks. 
Your Kneeler or quilt rack will be custom built to your specifications after you have placed the order.  This usually takes about 10 working days or so, plus UPS shipping time.  If you have a certain date you need delivery by, please check with us first, before placing your order.

A Family owned and operated Company
This site Dedicated to my Parents
James and Marguerite Snodgrass
Who are with me always.

The entire contents of bearswoodshop.com, including meta tag, source code, logotype, graphics, products and text, are fully protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without written permission.

Since we ship UPS, we cannot ship to a Post Office Box.
We are a small shop and custom build your purchase to your specifications at time of purchase. I guarantee my workmanship . We want our customers to be satisfied, so please make sure your stain, wood choice, etc. are correct at time of purchase as we have a no refund policy. If we make a mistake, we will correct it free of charge. Damaged or defective parts will be replaced free of charge.